I recently shared a post on finishing the year strong. I decided to share this challenge, I believe it will be useful whether you are planning to finish the year, the month or a week stronger than you have ever done before. This same principles apply and I hope it resonates with you.

Challenge 1: Clarity

The most important step to accomplishing any goal is having clarity on what you want to accomplish. The first challenge, is to spend time to clearly define what your  goals are and that is the focus of this first video

CHALLENGE 2: Clear Plan

After clearly defining what your goals are it is important to have a clear strategy to accomplish those goals. What do you really need to reach the revenue goals you desire? What do you need to do daily to reach your weekly milestones? What do you need to accomplish weekly to accomplish your monthly milestones? This is the focus of this challenge, create a clear plan and in the video below, I share a bit more about this.

CHALLENGE 3: Staying Motivated When Plans Do Not Work.

There are times you have plans and they work effectively well, there are times you have those plans and they do not work as expected. How do you stay motivated each day regardless of how the last one ended? That is the focus of this challenge. It is important to think through what we will work best for you and create a plan to stay motivated daily. That is the focus of the video below as well.