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I am on a mission to educate and empower people to create healthier lives through nutrition education. I also believe in and support the next generation of female leaders.

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Nutrition Education For Students

A self-paced educational program that can either supplement your child’s school curriculum or serve as an enriching afterschool program.

We are on a mission to help students:

  • Appreciate the importance of good food choices for overall wellbeing.
  • Develop a compelling reason to make healthier dining choices.
  • Apply the knowledge acquired in school to the everyday activity of eating.
  • Understand what happens in their body after food is consumed, digested, and absorbed 
  • Decipher nutrition labels and be knowledgeable about different eating styles
  • Understand safety measures that can be taken when they handle food/cook in kitchen.


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Optimize Wellness Through Nutrition

GrubEasy is a technology platform where people can connect with experts to learn how to optimize their wellness through nutrition. Through innovative technology we are:
  • Helping people discover ways to optimize their wellness through nutrition.
  • Find peer support needed to reach their nutritional goals.
  • Make it 10x easier to put nourishing meals on the table daily.
  • Facilitating learning and collaboration between people and nutrition experts.
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The power to accomplish anything we set our minds to lie within each of us. Through my articles and videos, I share clear practical strategies to unlock the powerful gift within… bringing your dreams to life. Regardless of  gender, race or socioeconomic status, anyone can aspire to lead in any capacity and work towards making it a reality.

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