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Can you imagine an Olympic level athlete jumping into the field to start competing without a warm-up? Most of us have watched top-notched athletes win over and over again. They have specific processes that help them perform at the highest level.

I realize that in life as well, there are routines, habits and strategies for performing at your best.  That is what this article is about,  sharing some of “secrets” for winning each day.

I wish I could say these are secrets I sat down and drafted up. No they are routines I developed over time.  Making incremental changes to my daily routine gradually over time.

One day my mum who had just spent some time visiting with us returned to London. As my brother picked her from the airport she said that he should call me to let me know she has arrived safely. My brother said it is a bit too early to call on my end. She replied ” She will be up and running on her treadmill”. My brother called and I was up and running on my treadmill. I realize that my morning routine has shaped my life in many ways, enhanced my productivity and helped me exceed my expectations.

If you have ever wondered how do you build a life you have always dreamt of? It starts by taking charge of your day. Success each day leads to success each month, each year and to a successful life. These are my top secrets:

  1. Start Your Day Strong With Self-care: Thinking about factors that shapes my day, I realized that my morning routine plays a significant role in setting the tone for the day. Wondering how and why? It’s simple, I spend time praying each morning. I think of it as it as replenishing myself spiritually and connecting myself to my northern star for direction and guidance. As a person of faith, that is a crucial part of my day. I realize that each day, there are activities that deplete us emotionally, there are activities that recharge/refuel us. Praying is one of those activities that refuels me. Think about it, what works for you? How do you recharge?  Another routine that I have found to be very important in setting the tone for the day is running and strength exercises. Each morning I  run 3 mile  After these runs I feel energized, my mind alert and I feel ready to take on the day. During the run, I  listen to inspiring speakers.  I can summarize my morning routine by saying that I start my day taking care of myself spirit, soul and body.
  2. Express Gratitude: Often times I hear people say I will be thankful when everything is alright. The truth is there is so much working now that your eyes will be open to see when you start expressing gratitude. Gratitude for me resets my mind and elevates my expectation for more. It is often said ” When you are grateful, you attract more to be thankful for” I could not agree more. In my daily planner I have a column for notes which I converted to my gratitude journal. Every time I see that column, I know I have to fill my gratitude in.
  3. Plan The Day Realistically: It is important to plan the day. However, been realistic about the plans for each time block is also important to ensure you are not putting too  much into the day. I know this way key for me because for many years, I will feel bad for not getting to complete all the 15 tasks I have on my agenda for the day. Then I realized I was not planning well, I had to carefully review the time it takes for me to complete a task, and use that to properly allocate tasks to be completed each day.

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