Julia Olayanju

When I was a little girl, I believed I could accomplish anything.

I believed I could become whoever I want to become!

You know why?

I was surrounded by people who believed in me and affirmed me.

My mum was fond of saying “Be bold, never be afraid to knock on any door of opportunity”

She did not just tell me this things, she modeled it right before my eyes.

This mindset stayed with me and shaped the person I am today.

Growing up I just believed everyone was like that as well

Recently I have noticed how  so many people place limits on their lives.

They say things like, “…people in my family do not do that well, how can I be different”

or ” …I wished I was raised in a different neighborhood, my life would have been very different”.

I am aware that not everyone grew up with parents that believe in them and speak affirming word over them.

I am also aware that as we experience life and circumstances that introduce self doubt.

What do you do if you are in a place where you are losing faith in yourself and your abilities to accomplish your goals?

In this article,  I share 3 important steps you can take to reset your mind and re-energize yourself to accomplish more.

  1. Change What You Are Focused On:  Have you ever listened to a motivational speaker that left you energized and fired up, you leave believing you are ready to tackle any problem? That is the power of words. Words can energize us, words can demoralize us. Words that we allow to take root in our heart can have similar effects as well.  Just like words, experiences we have also have the same effect on us.  If you think carefully about it, it all about what goes into your mind. You mind is fed through your 5 physical senses.  When undesirable words or experiences are allowed to dominate our thoughts and mind, the outcomes we experience is not desirable. It is important to guard your mind. If you feel overwhelmed and believe you can’t , it may be a sign that its time to change what the thoughts that are dominating your mind. If there is no limit in your mind, there is no limit in your life. Fill your mind with inspiring and uplifting words, ponder on your wins and steps that got you there. You can create change you desire but you need to take steps to make it happen.
  2. Re-evaluate Your Network: People around you influence your life significantly especially with their words. Who do you have around you? What influences are they having on you? What impact are their words having on you? Carefully think through this and make changes as need. Think about it this way, if you have a rotten food in your fridge that produces an offensive odor.  Cleaning the fridge without removing the rotten food will not help, using a deodorizer will only help temporarily but the smell will still come back stronger. The same thing with mindset, if you are working hard to build your mindset but you have a toxic relationship that is demoralizing to you. Full progress will not be achieved until you deal with the source of the problem.
  3. Make Motivation A Daily Progress: Just the same way we eat everyday, brush our teeth everyday. There are some routines that would be beneficial to developing an enabling mindset, and that is creating a routine of reading/listening to inspiring and uplifting material daily. It could be a podcast, a motivational teaching, your favorite preacher or an uplifting book. This is an habit I developed more than 15 years ago that completely changed my life and do not plan to stop.

I hope this few tips resonate with you. Share with me in the comment below, some of the strategies you may have found very useful for powerful mindset shifts. I look forward to reading from you.

Cheering you on!


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