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Working on a research focused on understanding  how isothiocyanates (compounds found in cruciferous vegetables) interact with specific pathways crucial to cancer development sparked my curiosity in food and health . I am eager gain a deeper understanding of how food interact with our body to impact health.  There is a lot to learn, there are many variables to consider. However, as the saying goes “ The journey of a thousand years starts with the first steps”.

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Tackling Obesity Through Nutrition Education

Do you know that 1 in 5 children in America are considered obese? According to CDC, more than 50% of adults in America struggle with preventable chronic diseases that are related poor eating patterns and physical inactivity. How can we change this trajectory? While there are many ways to tackle the issues of childhood and adolescent obesity in America my team and I are making it easy to learn about food through technology. We are educating, engaging and rewarding students for making healthier choices here.

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The power to accomplish anything we set our minds to lie within each of us. Through my articles and videos, I share clear practical strategies to unlock the powerful gift within… bringing your dreams to life. Regardless of  gender, race or socioeconomic status, anyone can aspire to lead in any capacity and work towards making it a reality.

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